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Welcome everyone! First let me say thank you for taking your time out to read and/or listen to us. We wanted to give you a proper introduction to who we are and what we are about as individuals and as a team.

We met in late November of 2014 when I moved into a homeless shelter about 4.5 months pregnant. The way our rooms were set up, there was a door between our rooms and we both had a bunk mate above us. You had to walk through Sherry’s room to get to the bathroom, which at times made things more than awkward. We became friends quickly. Bonding over our love for good food, my rapidly growing unborn child, great laughs, and a fierce protection that we both had for each other.

We spent a lot of our nights swapping life stories, sometimes good and other times not so good. We cooked all of our meals together because we both were making sure the other one was always eating. I think we both somehow realized that we each needed an ally in there and in life. She went to every single prenatal appointment I had from the time we met, up to and including the delivery. We stuck together like glue in there, helped each other get out of there, then moved right up the street from each other.

The lives we led before we met may not be exactly the same, but they are similar enough. Noticing and talking about the differences, in my belief, helped us understand situations that we both needed to overcome in what would become our futures. We realized that we could do the same for other women, and people, by getting out and speaking our truths. Debut Dive Into The Deep. It’s the perfect platform to not only speak our truth, but also use that truth to possibly help others overcome similar situations. One thing you can count on with us is fun and laughs, so we will also have some lighthearted subjects that we feel are still important to talk about. Guests will always be welcome to join in on our conversations, and some of our shows will feature women we know personally that have great insight and experiences.

Our goal as a team is to empower each other while we attempt to empower others together. We constantly see images and videos depicting women as vicious, vindictive, even bitchy...especially towards each other. My own life experiences have shown me that these depictions tend to be very close to the truth. I didn’t have many women in my life teaching me the value of kindness, empathy and genuine supportiveness towards others. The love I received was rarely unconditional and usually came with a price. We are here to proclaim that there is another way. We want our next generation to be raised by empowered people that have an acute understanding of the importance of elevating those around us.

Having a true respect for someone can go a long way in any type of relationship. This is one of the tying bonds in our sister-ship. Love unconditional, true respect and gratitude, and a willingness to always go the extra mile for each other are just a few of the things that keep this friendship in tact. The bonds that we forged while facing some of the most difficult challenges that life had to offer became indestructible and everlasting. We have gone through such a lifetime of experiences in just 6 short years, that it can be both daunting AND exhilarating to think about what’s to come!

One thing that we know for sure is, we are facing it all together. We invite you to come on this journey and live through our experiences with us. As we continue to learn and grow, both as individuals and as a team, our hope is that you will be doing the same. Right alongside us. And that you will share your experiences with us as well, so that we can all show each other everyday that we are not alone in this life. We may not be able to change the whole world, but we can definitely change ours.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to comment, ask us a question, or share a story. Until next time!

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