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The Worst Summer - The Finale

Before you get into the end of the story I just wanted to apologize for the delay and thank you for patiently waiting for it. All of our lives get hectic from time to time and mine caused an unfortunate delay to the end of an important story. I hope the end makes you as happy as it made me. 💙

Ok, so now I have my plane ticket and a place to go when I land. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was in my bedroom getting things together when I hear the front door open. Apparently the police were sent to my house because they needed to make sure me and my “three year old” were ok. I asked them who the hell has a 3 year old?? I surely don’t, I have a 1 and a 5 year old. Now we are all just standing there awkwardly looking at each other so one of them radios in asking what to do next. The response was “nothing, we didn’t tell you to make contact.” The whole situation was idiotic and I called down to the station to ask specifically why the police were sent to my house. They stated that someone from NJ called concerned about us being abused. I then explained that the person that called them is a pathological liar that needs to be committed and if she sends the cops to my house again I’m filing harassment charges on everyone.

Now it’s Monday and we have everything together for the trip. While we are trying to figure out what time we would head to my cousin’s house in Atlanta there was a knock on the door. This time it’s a CPS worker asking to see Kiara and Tricity. If it wasn’t such a serious situation it would have truly been hilarious, because now she’s just pitiful. Who sends CPS to a house to look for a child they know is in a whole other state? Needless to say she was pretty confused. She sat down with us and asked a bunch of ridiculous questions. This miserable shrew told her that our utilities were off (which never happened), that I was a crackhead and dope fiend (wtf?), that we lived in an abandoned house (again wtf, although it’s probably just envy because we OWN the house we live in), that neither one of us can keep a job (I was working at the same job for more than 4 years 🙄), and all kinds of other ridiculous things. We explained that we had nothing to hide and would do whatever she needed us to do, but she explained that the main thing she needed was to see the child ASAP. I told her we were actually preparing to leave so I could go get her, and asked if Dana had any legal rights to try to keep my child. She told me what I already knew...even if the worst situation was happening and the child needed to be removed Dana would be one of the LAST people they would think to give her to. Especially because she has a father and ACTUAL grandparents(she had my child calling her grandma). So the worker gave me her card and told me to call her if I needed her help in NJ.

If Dana knew me the way she thought she did she would have known that I do not respond to scare tactics. Trying to scare me really just pisses me off and makes me go harder, and that’s exactly what happened. I called the Middlesex police department and let them know who I was and made sure they remembered that I would need a police escort. They did remember me, as I had spoken to them numerous times. They told me just make sure I bring my custody papers with me and they would see me the next day.

After a pretty anxiety riddled flight I landed in NJ and headed straight to Elizabeth to meet up with Sherry, she wanted to make sure I didn’t have to go take care of business alone. She’s always my rock. We got caught up and started figuring out a ride to Middlesex. Uber and Lyft would have both been pretty expensive so we decided to either wait for my father in law or figure something else out. My father-in-law called and asked if it was ok for him to take me the next day because he had to work late. It wasn’t a problem because nobody knew I was in town, but the sooner the better. Me and Sherry ate and talked until her aunt came home. She was happy to see me but immediately concerned, she wanted to know what was going on. We told her that I was there to get a police escort to pick up my kidnapped child. She basically said she would be ready to go in 20 minutes.

When we left the house I called the police station to let them know I was on my way and would call when I was closer to make sure a car was available. They told me when we got there I could pull into the lot and the next police cruiser that pulled in would be for us. Before we went into the police station parking lot we rode up Dana’s street to see if she was home until I remembered that I didn’t really know where she lived. We went up the block twice and I got it narrowed down to two houses, but both were dark. I’m pretty sure that she either knows I’m coming or thinks I’m coming, but either way she’s hiding out.

We are sitting in the parking lot at the police station for about 10 minutes when we see the police cruiser coming. They pulled in next to us and asked which person they needed to speak to and I got out of the car. They took down some basic information, looked at the paperwork that I brought with me , identified everyone in the car, and went inside to print out what they needed.

We followed each other to the house that I was pretty sure was hers. The house was still dark but the television was on. We went to the door and the officer rang the doorbell. She has a Ring doorbell so she answered it from wherever she was trying to hide. Said she was in Plainfield (which is about 20-25 minutes away) so the officer told her she needed to come home immediately. She asked if they were there about “the baby” and the officer said no this is about a five year old. She already tried to start making excuses and the officer told her none of it matters and she needed to get home now. After they were done I told them that she was not gonna come, but I guess they didn’t believe me. So we stood in the street with the police waiting for an hour for someone to travel 20 minutes. He starts to make some phone calls and I realize he is trying to reach Dana and she isn’t answering. Bold bitch to really be trying to ignore the police. Now she was teetering on a kidnapping charge because the police starting running names. They started asking me the names and dates of birth for anyone I think she may have been with. So I gave them EVERYBODY’s info. The mistake they made was leaving us there for hours to just chill with the police. There was nothing for us to do but get to know each other in the literal hours that we were out there waiting.

After having some back and forth frustrating phone calls we finally see familiar cars coming and parking in front of her house. I know myself so I stayed on the other side of the street and let the police do their job. She didn’t make herself look any better pulling up with a posse, what was she gonna do...try to fight the police? It was her, her daughter, her niece, I guess we can call her mother, a neighbor, Kiara’s dad and his mom. We all got the shock of our lives seeing him pull up since we hadn’t heard from him in over three years. Did I mention that he pulled up in the car that he stole from me? I mean it still had my baby’s car seat and stroller in it and everything when he took it. Anyway, the police spent a lot of time going back and forth between us and them. She made all kinds of accusations about me not being able to take my child back home, but the police were very thorough in making sure they had the correct information at the end of the night. They only did one thing that I didn’t like...I had already explained that I had no desire to discuss anything with anyone other than them or Kiara’s father. Still, they attempted to get me to have a conversation with the liar and kidnapper herself and I just wasn’t having it. I told everyone listening that I didn’t give a shit about anything she had to say and my only interest was getting my child out of her house. Of course being the ignorant person she is she wanted to fight about it and at that point I was BEYOND ready. As I was practically dragged back off of the property the officer asked Ishmael to escort Kiara to our vehicle so we could finally go. Just as I suspected there were no restrictions from anywhere preventing me from taking my child home. So at about 12:30am she was sent to my car wearing a tank top, short shorts, dirty underwear and nothing else. No socks or shoes. None of her clothes. None of the toys we sent with her and not even her tablet. She was dirty and cold and I was ready to fight again. She wanted to falsely call me a drug addict and child abuser, but she quickly showed us and the police officers that she’s just a selfish ignorant bitch. She wanted to be funny or spiteful by not giving me what I needed for Kiara and completely ignored the fact that the person she was hurting the most was Kiara.

I decided very quickly that I didn’t care about the material things left behind. She could have them as a memory of the child she tried to steal because I would make sure she was never going to see her again. My amazing father in law decided to replace the tablet and buy Kiara some things to get through the couple days we had until our flight left.

Ishmael immediately texted me asking if we could talk and I said of course. We spoke and he explained that he wasn’t aware of Kiara’s presence in NJ until a couple weeks before I got there. He thinks that Dana got scared when she knew I was coming and tried to use him to her advantage. The problem is he has never liked or respected her because she’s always been rude and disrespectful to him. He had concern about his child but knew that something else was going on that she wasn’t telling him. He also stated that he wasn’t even able to see her because every time he asked Dana there was an excuse of why she couldn’t bring her. She basically made it easy for people to see that she is very much full of it. I allowed Kiara to spend the days until our flight back with her father and grandmother as long as they guaranteed they wouldn’t let anyone in my family come and see her. Now we were just waiting for the court papers (that Dana forced Ishmael to file) came in the mail so we could amend our custody agreement.

After having her back I have had to deal with child services from both states, and the child advocacy center. I don’t mind it because I have nothing to hide, but Kiara was having nightmares about the whole situation and would get nervous every time we had an appointment. I found out that she was very afraid of being taken away from me again and really just wanted life to go back to normal. Of course there were no findings of abuse after all of our meetings. We had our court appointment over the phone and I was able to keep my residential custody and stay in Alabama. He now gets her every summer and every other Christmas and I truly hope he sticks with this schedule. After we explained the story of what happened over the summer, we were able to get something very important added to the custody order. Dana Gore-Nelson, Ay-Yana Gore-Nelson and Renee Sanderson are to have no contact at all with my child. The best possible outcome I could ask for in this situation.

Kiara is back home with us and has started kindergarten. She is very happy because she missed her baby sister and parents a lot while she was gone. We had our first trip to see her father this past Christmas and she really enjoyed her time with him and her grandma. As horrible as this situation has been, it seemed to have caused some wonderful changes in our lives. Now Kiara not only has the love of the man that CHOSE to be her father when he didn’t have to, but also now her biological father and paternal grandmother.

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