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My Twin

This was originally written in 2013...

I just love her so much that I had to blog about her. Now she may not be my sister in the traditional ways, but she is my sister in all the ways that count. I’ve never called anyone in my life my twin before, simply because it’s rare for me to meet someone that is so much like me.When I first met her I didn’t make any efforts to be her friend, and too late now I realize that’s valuable time we didn’t get because of me. It’s ok because we have more than made up for lost time and now she’s stuck with me forever!! When the connection was finally made it didn’t take me long to realize that when I looked at her all I saw was me!! We started saying the same stuff at the same time, realized we danced alike, realized we love all the same stuff, some people even think we look alike.

I am a firm believer in soul mates, but not in the traditional sense. When I was younger I believed that a soul mate was the one person you are supposed to be in a committed relationship with for the rest of your life. Experience has taught me otherwise. Your soul mate can be male or female, friend or lover. Well I have found mine. The only person I need to be when I’m around her is me. That is one of the most fascinating, freeing feelings in the world. I don’t have to hide or be shy or put on a filter for being afraid of offending someone. She understands me without me saying a word. She’s probably already thinking what I’m thinking. LOL.

Twin, I will be leaving soon. So my message to you is always remember there is someone out there feeling how you are feeling, seeing what you are seeing, and thinking what you are thinking. Soul mates belong together for life, so

even though I’ll be miles away, I will be your friend and twin until the end of time. I love you!!

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