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Let Me Tell You ‘Bout My Best Friend

Do you believe in soulmates? Did you know that you could have more than one? Well I want to talk to you tonight about one of mine. She also happens to be my cohost for my fabulous new Dive In The Deep podcast.

Six years ago on Thanksgiving I found myself moving into a homeless shelter. I was about four months pregnant. Saddened by my situation, but determined to do everything in my power to drastically change my reality to one I deemed acceptable for my daughter, I began a new life. Upon entering the facility I was told that I would have three roommates. The first one I met was named Sherry. She was so young, and so sweet from the moment I met her. I couldn’t imagine how she ended up in the horrid place with me. Someone that was bound to interrupt her sleep either needing to vomit or pee repeatedly. I immediately felt bad that she got stuck with me.

I spent the first few days to myself, as I always do in new situations and places. I did pay attention to Sherry though, because I knew if I was going to look out for anyone here it would be her. I got worried when she didn’t show up for a few meals. I noticed when she did eat, she ate with one of the other girls that cooked. I decided at the next meal if she was in the room, I would ask if she wanted to cook with me and she could of course have some of my food. I could even get her to come to the store with me, and then get her some food while we are there. Well she took me up on both of my offers and we have been just about inseparable since.

If I told you all of the things we have been through together this post would easily become a novel. I will say this, there has not been a major moment in my life that has happened without her since I’ve met her. She has been my rock, my sister, someone to cry to and with, my partner in crime, my neighbor, my roommate, my EVERYTHING. She was there for every second of my pregnancy, every appointment, every fall, every visit to the ER. She was the person I saw every time I opened my eyes in the hospital after having my baby. She was the person coming to make sure I didn’t feel like I was raising my baby alone. Making sure I was eating and getting enough sleep. She was there to remind me to laugh when all I wanted to do was cry. We have walked through hellfire together and came out the other side stronger for it. At times, she was all the family I needed. ♥️

As with any friendship we spent a very short amount of time unsuccessfully trying to dislike each other. I smile as I write this at the thought of us being mad at each other. It’s a joke and never lasts. There’s absolutely no point to it. I love her the same way I love myself. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do, no place I wouldn’t go. We make one hell of a dynamic duo.

So that’s my best friend. Amazing right? Leave me some comments and tell me about yours! Also check us out tomorrow as we go live to tell you about our podcast!

By the way, you can easily find my amazing friend and her many talents at .

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