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Are You a Supertaster?

I have spent the majority of my life either really hating or really loving food. I get odd looks during meals with people who do not know me because of my weird food behaviors. I can’t help it though. There are just too many things that I do not like about certain foods.

I think my first issue is probably with texture. I cannot mix too many textures in my mouth at once. For this reason I hardly ever put ketchup on french fries, syrup on breakfast foods, or put any of the other condiments on certain foods. Most of the time I like my food very plain. No gravy or anything like that. I also do not like pickles on sandwiches or burgers, or lettuce, or pretty much anything. I like my burgers to have bread, meat, cheese and ketchup. My sub sandwiches can have turkey, mayo, provolone, bread, salt, pepper and oregano. That’s it. Anything more will have me throwing my food in the trash or picking through it forever before I take a bite of it.

Other things that I cannot eat are spicy foods and bitter foods. My buffalo wings must be mild, and those are about the only things I will eat that are hot and spicy. I do not like coffee, grapefruit juice, artificial sweeteners and many other foods that leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Even milk chocolate is just too much taste for me. Many people hate to cook for me because I pick a lot of things out of my food. There are some foods that I enjoy cooked but not raw, and others that I enjoy raw and not cooked. When I was a child my teachers always thought I was a vegetarian because of my picky eating.

I think that to list all of the foods that I do not like would take a very long time, so I’ll just name a few: onions (can’t stand these the most), cooked mushrooms (but i like them raw and in salad), mustard (even some forms of honey mustard), veal (but i like lamb), most foods that are slathered in gravy (ewww), eggplant, okra, black coffee, espresso shots, cherry pie, dr pepper, root beer, regular beer, etc. I also do not like things that have flavor mixtures because my tongue goes into sensory overload. For example, most cakes and cookies do not sit well with my taste buds. Also, I do not like things to have chunks in them. For example, orange juice with pulp, Rita’s (fruit chunks), carrot cake, and anything else that has multiple textures are not up my alley.

Am I completely alone in my world of crazy taste buds, or are there people who know exactly what I am talking about? Are you a supertaster? Do people hate to cook for you or take you out to eat?

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